Caring For Your Jewellery

All our jewellery is created with utmost care and love and we know that you will love it as well! Following a few simple steps will ensure that your jewellery stays out of harms way and looks its best year after year.

To ensure the lustre of your jewellery, prevent tarnishing and scratching; store your Studio Azzurra Jewellery in an airtight plastic bag when it is not being worn. Always store each piece separately in a dry area.

Exposure to water, lotions, body oils, cosmetics, perfumes, excessive humidity or cleaning agents may cause discoloration and effect finish quality of the jewellery. Hence, we suggest that you remove the jewellery prior to bathing, exercising, cleaning, swimming, gardening, applying hairspray, perfumes and cosmetics.

Onyx bangles: Please avoid excessive force to prevent cracking or breakage. If force is applied on the piece or it falls on the ground there is a possibility that the material will crack, break or the stones will get dislodged. We will not accept any returns if any of these events occur.

Wiping off your sterling silver jewellery after you wear it will get rid of any lotion, perfumes, or make-up that may have transferred from your skin, and will help to prevent tarnishing. Never use an abrasive material for cleaning. Always ensure that the jewellery is completely dry before storing.