2. URSA

    Price:  Rs.3,600

    Brighten up your neckline with this unique mix of natural agates and amethysts dressed in a cheerful silken rope!!

    The organic nature of this stones makes each piece an entirely unique, wearable work of art.


    Gold plated sterling (925) silver, agate slice and semi precious stones (amethyst)

    Every piece of jewellery we create is handmade and therefore completely unique. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike...making your wonderful purchase even more special for this reason.

    Items you order may vary slightly in color from the photos you see here.

    -Delivery Time
    2-3 weeks from acceptance of your order.

    -Care Instructions
    Keep away from moisture and perfume. Store your Studio Azzurra Jewellery in an airtight plastic bag when it is not being worn. Always store each piece separately in a dry area.
    For detailed instructions please refer to our page on product care